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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 – Back to WAR!

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  1. check us out at coochiebandits were a all war clan

  2. you can visit my clan(clan tag=#9yc2y2rr )if you like

  3. lol my clan has 7 losses and the direct wins and a few ties we get perfect war stars each war

  4. We have a die hard war clan Aberrant Knaves

  5. I subt you 1 year ago for your quest to 5000 cuos watching in even today… There will never be a game like clash of clans im so happy pokemon go took over clash royale yes th 11 is very hard cock broken but bowler got slitly debufft the almost always go arround () but still they are fu… Op they HAVE TO debuff them otherwise the 4 th birthday is the last the 5 will have 60% dead bases they have to bring the old coc back at least it was 1-2 years ago they have to try you can use air, ground like in the quest to 5000 and nothing is overpowerd thuis is propely the longest command in his video like this if you argee with me??

  6. I love coc and that's my life

  7. stus crew…hardcore war clan

  8. Hey gally! please feel free to come check out our clan. we have a 168-15 war record, 48-2 war log with 22 perfect wars in log right now. clan name is Oxymandias War lvl 9 clan.

  9. Hey Galadon, can you show us some good town hall 9 war bases and how they defend?

  10. BTW my clan is MasterMines lvl 6 :)

  11. nice

  12. Check out Swashbucklers99 Our record will impress you

  13. like

  14. Crazy Train. We've been together for about 2 years we know each other in the game and real life. We are a family clan that loves to war and are very good at war though

  15. The PeopleMover clan is doing really well in clanwars!

  16. check out cdn125 galadon!

  17. Hey there. Galadon. can you visit us at Ninjas irl. Lvl 10 Clan. 😀 bunch of TH9 and Th10 3 star attackers

  18. My clan is called yellow jackets5 and we barley lose wars and do lots of wars

  19. Welcome home Galadon

  20. Better gem you a th10 best for war.

  21. Galadon visit us Desoptic Wargs level 5 clan

  22. Galadon! Come check the clan I'm in out! We're called War Bandits, level 9 clan currently on a 12 win streak with a mixture of th8, 9, 10's and 11's. A lot of us know each other in real life also; come check us out!

  23. lvl 6 clan

  24. REBEL GORILLAZ (all caps)

  25. Yay no more townhall 11 gameplay :)

  26. Does SC even care about COC anymore?

  27. I'm having great fun, farming up my TH10, with a casual war, from time to time…..

  28. i dont have twitter but my clan is OSU Buckeyes level 9 our leader is Gio Storm we love war!

  29. lol said like a rich russian man at 1:21 "I just have several ipads lying around" WTF MAN