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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 9 – DRAGON ATTACKS – TH9 vs TH9/10 Strategy + Commentary

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  1. haha ed german title ^^

  2. Can you do a road to titan whit th 9

  3. Deutsches Video ;)

  4. Nice video, but why do you use a german title 😛
    Kannst du deutsch ?

    Why did Qantums Web make Quantum and changed it back?

  5. Tuleeko tämmönen th10 versio?

  6. Salve.. Hi.. Sou brasileiro, e faço vídeos de Clash Of Clans, visitem meu canal.. Tmj

  7. I love Drag !! ( Got attack bye a Quantum's 8.9 ) skilled attack ^^ u can do 3 Star in multi without Witch ? more TH9 vids 🙂


  8. As a TH9, this is a great video for me, I have trouble 1 starring TH10s so dragons are next on my upgrade list. Also are you planning to do anything with the gemmed TH10 you moved out of movie room?

  9. Thx Ed give us more of this. Am a maxed th9 and am always looking for more strategy options. You're bad ass! #ITDisthebest

  10. Thats preety cool,but you should doo some videos on th 9 war attacks,like:GoHo,GoLaLoon,GoVaLo,PentaLaLoon,Max Attack,….Th 9 is a sweet spot for war comunity…Its not easy to get 3 stars,but its more possible than it is on th 10…BTW Keep up the good work ;)

  11. you can try dragons with lightening with logs and heal… primary target of hogs will be to take down AD .. maybe 2 ADs will be good.. so before you start Dragon.. 2 or 3 ADs will be down..

  12. More videos th9 attacking th10s. ??

  13. Vedä edi GoWiHo taktiikal , meitsii ainaki kiinnostais nähä miten sä vedät niil :)

  14. More th9 attacks! I enjoyed!

  15. TH9 push to Lrgends :D

  16. 3 star strategies?

  17. I been gohogging a lot and it's the army Ik the best well I also know go wipe but I can't 3 star unlike goho

    The freeze spell is useless unless it's a gold freeze that barely last

    (My heroes are worst then yours ?) it's more difficult at th9 upgrading royals your not max th10-11 with max troops/ def harder to defend dark and stay up in the leagues
    I can't clash like you can Ed I wish I could but nope

    Great video

  18. Great video thx i might have to use this comp and boost stuff

  19. you should do th9 war recaps Ed! your channel will definitely grow. Love your videos man, keep up the awesome work.

  20. Brasil:(