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Clash of Clans | Town Hall 9 – GoWiPe ATTACKS – TH9 vs TH9/10 ** Strategy + Commentary

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  1. Dont like the swearing

  2. Lol it looks like you made gowipe the best trophy pushing strategy

  3. I have a max TH9 (defences).. now i have to upgrade walls and heroes… i am using AQ walk to go for DE loot.. right now i am in gold league.. what do you suggesst about DE loot.. should i go to masters or champions to get more DE… asking you as you are there with all your accounts and you suggestion will be very helpful…

  4. Nice video Ed get better, are you going to play the new supercell game and test it out?

  5. Can you do clash royale videos?

  6. You're TH9 content is shit, but your commentary is hilarious so I watch anyway. You could visit TH9 heavy war clans with you account for some better shit (there are plenty of people of take 9 seriously still).

  7. Try th9 lavaloonion


  9. Love the videos, great work

  10. nice ed and war stuff will be ok some gohog golavaloon and anything you can show us thanks brotha

  11. Great videos Ed. Like seeing you take on th10s for 2 because in war it's I sometimes have to go for that. I think you're gonna start finding TH9s too easy though. With strong heroes and max troops its pretty easy to 3 star most pushing/farming th9s. they're just not set up to defend against GoHo / Golaloon.

  12. Good video ed

  13. nice job i think the best combination is 3 golem 3 pekkas

  14. Make Videos with to8ik

  15. Nice Vid Ed! ??


  17. R u gonna do like videos on th9 war 3 star starts like goal loon goho and stuff? And nice vid again?

  18. Yasssss nice video bro !!

    "FrenchFanhere <3

  19. Awesome ed, right when i am pushing, thank you.

  20. 2k Dark I wanted to say

  21. um farming . so gowipe won't be good for me. I use 16 gaints. 8 wb. 8 wiz. 39 arch 39 brb . 2 hogs(to lure) 2 minion(to kill pekka or valk).. I get more than 2k in each attack. :)

  22. Nice Vid Ed, what do you use to record your vids, Thanks

  23. Ed, thanks again for another great video!  Looking forward to more Queen/Healer action videos!  Get well soon, my friend!