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Clash of clans – Town hall 9 (th9) ATTACK STRATEGY 3 STARS combo GOHOWI #1

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  1. dude make your quality better

  2. dude make your quality better

  3. mk o vietnam ne ban

  4. i wish from u to increas quality of video
    go on please

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  6. Tbh anti 2s just dont stand a chance as long as ur not using gowipe. This strategy wouldnt work on most anti 3s.

  7. Nice video bro but it was not that clear. Overall good job and keep up the good work. Could you also do some th10 war bases please (;

  8. GoHoWiWi

  9. i like the attacks , but the 2nd was way too close ^^
    next video:Gowiwi with backend hogs/loons

  10. what is the song intro presse and it s à good compo

  11. I have my hog at LEVEL 3 do you recomend for me? to upgrade level 5 or put my queen to level 15 help pls

  12. Sorry but what the intro song? I hear it everywhere

  13. wow

  14. Thanks for this video man, needed this badly aha ❤️