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Clash Of Clans- Town Hall 9 (th9) Best war base 2016 [Anti 3 stars] + REPLAY

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  1. my base war 3 stars use this base with AQ+healer and golalon ? th10

  2. e esse xmod ae hein kkk

  3. nice xmod bro….keep going????

  4. whats the song

  5. this base sucks i got 2 starred for 94% first war i try it in. maxed th9 with all lvl 9 walls.

  6. first song?

  7. please , can you say me whats is the name of the first song that you used in this video?

  8. nice base.

  9. I've hogged and laloon this base :/

  10. Awesomeee Base!! gona try soon thnx!!:)

  11. Le petit xmodgames des familles mdr ;p
    Good base

  12. old generation anti3 star base… break 2 air defenses with spells, 2 with AQH, send all drags, your base's done.. :/

  13. alpha proVN luôn

  14. Hahaha good xmodgames lol hahaha 😀 good video man

  15. in war

  16. +clash of clan wars can u do 2 attacks for ur next video?

  17. omg u actually responded to me!!!!!!? wtf lol happy new year to u and ur family

  18. التصميم شكله إقلاع ?

  19. xmod

  20. Nice base bro!

  21. Happy new year guys ?

  22. happy new year!! also it's not 2016 its still 11:46 if u live in California

  23. Please make a th8.5 base

  24. Хорошая база

  25. anyone have a good war base and wanna send me a picture of it?