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Clash of clans – Town hall 9 (th9) BEST WAR BASE [ Anti 2 stars ] Update SPEED BUILD + REPLAY

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  1. All I see is an easy hog base.

  2. dear YouTube, Fuck your ads!

  3. Easy to 3 star…. GoHo, GoWiHog

  4. Has Anyone Tried LavaLooNion To This Cool Base?

  5. you guys can pause at 4:26 and screenshot the video for copying. After 4:26, he just places all the outside stuff and anyone can place them how they want so after 4:26, u dont really have to follow him

  6. seems weak vs pentalavaloonion

  7. are the flags necessary?

  8. Man , you have to take a far after finishing the layout that is easier to copy, every time you end one goes straight to the replay … to the rush? lol . very good 'll use this layout for sure so let this suggestion the same zoom; )

  9. nice base and video ^ ^ …. do not forget a visit back to my channel

  10. You have subscribe of me

  11. just got 3*//////// nearly same layout,,,,,,,, u can check 😀 bd hellboyz

  12. can you make a th8 war base that works agains lavaloonian. because i ceep on getting atackt bij th9's. pleace

  13. easy to get 3 starred by a three star specialist

  14. no double giants, hogs would cripple this base :(

  15. can you make a farming base (th9) post update? thanks

  16. that base easy those men attacking is failure

  17. anti 2stars???????????

  18. mano*

  19. ano da um layout anty pt para cv8 PF só tomo pt

  20. 10تون