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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 (Th9) Dark Elixir Saving/Farming Base 2016 + Replays

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  1. new video?

  2. nice

  3. Can you do a th8 version of 'The Slit'? I really like the design for the th9 version and it works really well, thanks if you consider this :)

  4. regular fan…

  5. thank you very mu

  6. titan league base town hall 8 please

  7. Jack , can i come to your Clan , i am a Maxed out th 8 with all Maxed Walls and Defense . I am a Th 8 like shanethemighty . I Know he's a th 9 now . Please accept me ! Or Tell me when i come to Ninjas irl , which Level …..

  8. hey Jack how are you can I join ur clan I am lvl 117 fair play and almost I get always 3 starts by using goho and golavaloon and max attack

  9. 8t

  10. Made this base yesterday. Got attacked by queen (lvl 30) with 8 healers and mages. Got 2 starred with 88% but she only ran around the dark elexir and got nothing of the black gold 🙂 nice base ;)

  11. that guy in your clan called thatguyuknow he has a good base I copied it hahah

  12. Hey guys, I do clash videos,  can you please maybe check it out, and maybe subscribe please!? :)

  13. A townhall 8 anti de will be great

  14. Pls more th7

  15. Aye jack how are you going to tell us to use this base but your not using it tf.smh ??

  16. btw, good job Jack! Nice base

  17. Can you do a TH9 Farming that looks like an anti-3-star? Those asymmetrical bases :3

  18. this video shows how clueless ppl are with clan castle troops

  19. th7 defence plox

  20. Comment*

  21. 29th commont!Going to use this base and see how it goes!???

  22. Sick base as always man! Always know i can rely on you to make a nice layout! Keep them coming!

  23. I need farming town 8 2016

  24. muy bien

  25. Likeeeeee is best

  26. You make one of the best bases!??

  27. Me gusta mucho tu canal sigue así vas por buen camino saludos desde Ecuador

  28. jake bro..i wait for ur th9 war base

  29. Huy, Last Time you did a Christmas Base like a Tree . Where is it ?

  30. okay thank you

  31. What about a th8 war base

  32. THANKS

  33. Congrats! 50k subs! Great video man?

  34. what's his clans name

  35. can you do a new th8 hybrid base. that would be very nice ?

  36. why is it on unlisted

  37. This is the base that gets rekt with quad qake…huhThe attack at 10:30 got all of your loot too