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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 (TH9) Farming Base Jun 2016 [No One Attack Me] + Replays

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  1. You make different bases from different townhalllevel… Nice job!

  2. nice base but i want a farming base in which hrroes are inside pls publish

  3. do more th 8.5 please

  4. Can you do base th 8.75 (no Xbows) please?

  5. Nice Video ! Thanks ! ^^

  6. jack bro gimme one of your strong th 9 war base video's link

  7. How long time did it take for you to become a maxed TH9!?!?

  8. Türkiyeden Selam olsun :)

  9. looks good..maybe a little weak at the northwest

  10. can you do th9 de farming base and pls dont tell me check my old videos bcz i sow them thanks jack love you I JACK SPARROW COC

  11. th7 farming base

  12. I am very impressed keep the good work up can I join your clan I am a almost Max town hall 9 if you would have me

  13. th 8 ??

  14. Works this Base in cristall 1?

  15. hey jack can u please tell me how do u make these videos ??? what types of software are u using it bro ??

  16. Another good video

  17. nice base dude! love your videos! i'll try it now!

  18. good

  19. added to watch later
    th7 =]]

  20. From which country are you?

  21. I watch you all new videos Jack you are a specialist for base and attack .✌️


  23. I remember, your base got wrecked yesterday bruh. Nice base though.

  24. nice base but heroes are too far away from dark elixir storage ✌?

  25. Join my CR clan: i jack sparrow, accept level 7+; 1000 trophy; active, donate and friendly battle…

  26. Nice vid, keep up the good work!

  27. 1st