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Clash of Clans: Town hall 9 (Th9) FARmING BaSe! May 2016 Update + Defense REPLAYS

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  1. @4:45 Balloons, giants, archers and wizards…??? Whoever that guy is, invite him to your clan, when he ask for donations give him wallbreakers, show him the replay, tell him he exudes nothing but suckage and failure,and then kick him from the group… He's not good.

    @6:25 Then the guy who does the horrible funnel with the GoWiPe at the corner of a base of all places (the worst place to open a wall)… Damn, he sucks donkey dick. He has promise, but not right now.

  2. To good to be true!

  3. And thank you for the amazing vids!?????

  4. First to comment!! Star, keep up the great work man!!