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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 (TH9) FARMING Base + REPLAYS

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  1. fuck

  2. Make more TH9 wars base pls

  3. 4 EQ Pls~:)

  4. Awesome Base Bro

  5. I am Turkey I am Friends Yesil yol

  6. th9 war base pls

  7. THIS IS BASED DESIGN OFF OF Arcanum by Matty
    Forum Link:

  8. More replays are uploading man

  9. Th10 version plz

  10. nice

  11. I wish you could show actually good attacks on replays, bro. I like your base designs, but i feel like you are lying to your viewers. Pretty good base though!

  12. he stole all of your gold in firdt replay

  13. nice base but easy to take de with healer queen and giants and archers

  14. first :)