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Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 (TH9) War Attack Strategy: 3 Star Internet Base CoC Golems Hogs (GoHo) #1

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  1. And would like to appreciate u , for ur attks AaroNeo

  2. Can anyone come to my clan
    My clan's name is "CollosalArbitus"…..!!
    Join us….!! plz

  3. ?

  4. Hey Aron, can u make a dark elixir/farming hybrid th8 base which protects from th9s…

  5. can do th8.75 no x-bow hybrid base?

  6. Stop this intro

  7. can you make a town hall 9 farming base against giants best youtuber

  8. I see this base every were!!!!!! THANKS

  9. Hey man! I just started base builds. maybe you can check it out?:)

  10. Happy New Year 2016 My Mann!!!, Stay Awesome As Always #LikeABossAaroNeo

  11. and I think ur aswome BT imo u should tlk about a specific topic during ur vids we like to c more of u bro &)

  12. yo aero I'm in WHF rising right now and we come up aginst alot of internet base always 3* em so if u need a place to record I'm sure peeps here are chill

  13. I like your vids man but that is a terrible goho attack. he did get the 3 star yes but very sloppy

  14. Hi luv your base build vids they never got a 2 stars

  15. Thanks Neo for putting my awesome attack in your one of your videos. :)

  16. 5th. WHAT NOW.

  17. 4th

  18. Damn it 3rd

  19. Nice job bro!!!

  20. 1st