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Clash of Clans – TOWN HALL 9 VS LEGENDS LEAGUE! Town Hall 9 Legends League Attack! HOW?!

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  1. I saw the raid in stream <3

  2. WITE……..Thank you so much for choosing my post as your CQOTD. I'm buzzing. I know you just done mine so it's unlikely ill get another but

    CQOTD: Has Legend left your clan??? and if so why and were did he go???

  3. This raid happened during stream lol

  4. But tell me what's a good town hall 7 attack strategy

  5. guys my request please checkout my channel. if you like it then subscribe. plzzzzzz

  6. This guy is a badass

  7. CQOTD:would you rather get $10,000,000 and quit YouTube,or keep YouTube and get no money.

  8. What is the theme song for your vids

  9. You should try queen walk with max drags

  10. Max out warden for a future video

  11. CQOTD: can i join the squad love your videos

  12. CQOTD: will you replace the lvl 6 minions in the end of your videos to lvl 7 minions?

  13. Love your videos

  14. CQOTD:have u ever played boom beach or hay day and recorded

  15. CQOTD- when do u think u will max ur warden??

  16. CQOTD: do you have a gf or are you just a nerd,just kidding,but seriously do you have a gf? ;)

  17. #CQOTD what cars does your squad have

  18. Anyone realize he never gets the "bam" right?!

  19. CQOTD why did you start youtubing?

  20. CQOTD: has you or anyone else in your squad been smacked or punched by your or their girlfreind

  21. CQOTD: what troop do you hate the most and what troop do you like the most?

  22. Wite 2 level 7 lightnings will take out any ad level 7 and below

  23. CQOTD:Do you like your grades in school

  24. CQOTD:can u join my clan?…AwxmePlayers

  25. hey mystlc7 you can take out a level 7 air defenses with 2 level 7 lightning spells

  26. CQOTD: Would you ever think of doing a charity stream/video where all proceeds go to a charity chosen by your fans?

  27. When he showed that he got to Titan 1, he showed a replay against a Legend. And then his trophies went back down again.


  28. Wite plz make a clash royale video

  29. lol when you ended your attack I pressed go home and restarted the video

  30. COQTD: How did you first start playing clash and when did you really start getting into the game

  31. I want someone to deploy wallbreakers and using the wardens ability as soon as the WB reach the wall. Will the WB not die or….?

  32. Every time clan chat shows on the video I think I'm the one on clash trying to click it. Lol

  33. When is clash royal coming to the U.S.A.??

  34. Your squad sound like assholes

  35. CQOTD Who is your celebrity crush?

  36. Gooood Jobbb

  37. When are you going to make a clash royals video

  38. CQOTD: would you rather have a new spell or a new troop added into the game???

  39. CQOTD: White lightning VS Clash with Cam Clash of clans war  WHEN!!!!

  40. That should be worth 100 trophies!!!

  41. I'm Australian lol

  42. Sorry I'm a boy it's just I don't have a count sorry

  43. Mystlc if I us gems to max out my lvl 9 base or should go to lvl 11?

  44. 2 max lightning can take out a lvl 7 AD

  45. Bloody Ozies xD

  46. CQOTD: what league symbol is your favorite?

  47. CQOTD:Have u ever been bullied?

  48. There's a th8 with 4664 cups for th9 that's not impreebed