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Clash of Clans – Townhall 11 Mass Valkyries War!

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  1. th 9 replay pls brandon thanks

  2. This guys make the attacks look so easy ?

  3. 🙂 u think u r the one? 😀
    search this clan : #82GGVR20
    the Leader is in lvl 364 just with 236083 Don.. :D

  4. some TH10's attacks will be great! Thanks Brandon, you're the best ?

  5. More th9 attacks please!

  6. Th 9 attacks will be great! Maybe some members use low de cost Elixier army's and can do 3 stars

  7. Hey Brandon, pls show us th9 and 10 rates, because i think your most viewers are around th7-th10

  8. Cool

  9. brandon in the clan Vorbau AG, the leader is liv. 364

  10. miss ur streams

  11. I would like some nice th10 war replays Brandon! My base will be going to th10 next week and would like to see some good strategies even though my troops won't be max yet. Thanks!

  12. Brandon looks retarded but he's a great clasher

  13. Your accent is so fucking bad i cant understand you. Go KYS. This bitch said GoVawee like its food or something

  14. Sub to me and I'll sub back with 7 accounts just reply with done

  15. Potato salad

  16. 3rd

  17. 2nd

  18. Yay!