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Clash of Clans – TownHall11 War/Trophy Base | Best Anti-Witch Base! – Clash of Clans TH11

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  1. hey ash, i love ur channel ;). just a heads up provide replays of the base because that would be very helpful and also it would bring more views

  2. I'm trying it out ash ty bruh.

  3. Ashsend to you in bad luck our enemy is cheater :(

  4. Nice base again ash :) gonna use this base this upcoming war ..waiting for 17hrs to start..gonna message you the result :)…

  5. Is this the best trophy base you got so far? for TH11s

  6. Why use the Warden so close to the outside? Buffing the other heroes and swapping a wiz tower might be better, but idk.

  7. why was that comment 15hours ago when video war just released

  8. Thanks for great speedbuild man, can you PLEASE send me the music you use on your video ?
    I know it's New Tides (Electronic 2000) by Detroit Boys but i can't find a download link, i already sent a pm to you but you don't answer back, PLEAAAAAASEEEE