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Clash of Clans – TownHall9 War Base (Elite Anti-3 Star TH9 War Base)

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  1. Why so much serious kids just shhhh

  2. Well … a TH7 can easily 2-star this base, so the th9 can cleanUp lower TH9ers ^^ if a higher ranked th9 uses this, it will be so useless ^^ Last war a th7 2starred a TH10 with an Anti3Star Base like this, so the th10 player could 3star a th9 … ~~ wasy win

  3. Couldn't a queen walk at 3 eliminate the DGB and GB and then send KS from around 7 to take out the other GB + Queen. Then send in hogs with heals?

  4. Could you make a th8 base?

  5. this base is susceptible to 4 zap 2 quake (all ads down before attack starts) if you are going to use this base i highly suggest you put max witches in your defensive cc since the attacker wouldn't have a poison spell

  6. you can get queen, cc and 3 air def down with double zap quake. way too easy

  7. Thanks for the video. Is that plan to share a war base for th 8.5 ? Thanks.

  8. Monica|KARA base :D

  9. Should be easy with cold blooded Golaloon…

  10. nice base!
    The only things i can say about it are:
    -defensive cc troops should include wiz or dragons> if there is a lavahoud zapping the queen and a AD would be the best way to three star this base
    -Zap eq is OP and imo there's no problem in three starring this base with it> that why the off centred queen woe bases are slowly disappearing

  11. Dont like the trap set up. It just looks like its thrown together. Nothing really makes sense. I know thats the point for the most part but there still has to be a method to the madness

  12. Thank you very much Ash, just as i need to search one for our cw. Definitely will try it out!

  13. Here watching nub th7 xD

  14. Replays?? Or has anybody tried this base

  15. This is a kind of meta base… however, as an air attacker… one golem +King will get one ad + Queen and a queen Charge at 4 o' clock will get 2 more ads down. I'm not saying that this base is bad but most of these offset queen anti 3 bases are actually pretty weak to a Queen walk/charge-laloon. In this base the air defenses aren't all accessable from the outside which is a good thing. Overall, a solid base with a weakness to air (as any base in the current meta, no offense).

  16. Just curious, what makes this "elite"?

  17. can't to try this at war..

  18. Replays pls

  19. Replays pls

  20. Big thanks to my buddy akiyume for sharing this base!

  21. Wooo first