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  1. Hey Beak should i be a th8.9 if you dont know what that is i will explain it so i got th11 with a th8 baseso i can get a good advantage for war? Please tell me what you think thanks!

  2. why do you make base that has is tolling that town hall or dark elixir free

  3. For people that still dont know beaker's intro is Bullseye (Dubstep music)
    On yt its from : Fatal dubstep

  4. hey beak thanks i just modified it and made it th8 base 🙂 Always wanted to protect dark with tesla surrounded by splash building! thanks myann

  5. Beak th 8.5 doesn't work anymore, they match you with harder or equal too clans in war #RIPth8.5

  6. Why you dont have your xbows if i may ask?

  7. Love it lol got to try it

  8. where should i put my xbow ?

  9. why you have nuh xbows

  10. 2:10 his kings is lvl 111

  11. Why haven't you gotten your x-bows yet?

  12. hi

  13. hey beak check my black hole trophy /troll base th9 #PPLVOVO2 REAPERS KEEPERS Nev The Grim

  14. beaker plz help me!

  15. +Beaker's Lab – Clash of Clans Any possible chance you could upload a picture of this base with xbows one your twitter maybe. I've toyed around with it for at least 10 minutes and cant figure out a good setup to add xbows. Thanks beak really appreciate it ; )

  16. do a th 11 in bronze league pls pls pls pls

  17. you are great man i need tawn hall level 7 can you give me a nice desaint ? ☺ ok . i give you like at evry vidio

  18. Beak you buy xbows without outings them in war just don't update the base but I think when you make a new one you can't put it

  19. beaker i love your bases please build more!

  20. please come out with a new video already or i die