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  1. I just got off th 7 to get another ad because I was tired of getting mass draged and now I hear this ?

  2. Figured for sure they'd add new levels to a few defences at TH11 and a few troop levels. And what you said, Ash – slight increase in eagle power with later engagement. This update will be game changing. Makes eagle really scary. Hello age of giants cuz this nixes Golems altogether unfortunately.

  3. not trying to be a hater,your videos are the best

  4. nice info a little later than other youtubers

  5. 0 dislikes for Ash rn Les goooo

  6. Thanks for sharing ash!

  7. come on mate, air attackers r already pissed because of the air sweepers lol, eagle do 3x damage to golems idea is pretty much balanced the gameplay i think 🙂 cool vid n thoughts keep it up ash! :)

  8. Hello hogs at th 7!!

  9. When be update?

  10. War loot less, no number on that. ba hum bug. Treasure: what % available now? CC already saved some, with 10% avail to loot; we've always used that as a war clan! I'm not sure this is much of a change. Loot cart should go to treasury. Eagle change i think is crazy. What, poor th11's? really? Seems like War clans are always getting impacted lately, sorry to say.

  11. intro music always jiggles my booty

  12. pussy

  13. Wait they increasing the stars?

  14. I am th6 going th7

  15. first

  16. does the EA now do the 3x to lavahounds too?

  17. Nice

  18. I'm actually the first wow