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CLASH Of Clans | TROLLING MY CLAN!!! GONE WRONG!! | “IM QUITTING!!” | Insane COC trolling!!!

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  1. dude wtf u said I could join an when try I get denied by daniel

  2. Hi smithy!!! I saw you play+push good!
    Can I get you my town hall Level 11 Account? ist maxed (everything -heros, trooos (miner+baby dragon!!! New spells!!!)
    so i only must push and I wanna go legend because I m full maxed, and hat 650 000 gems left to push.
    but waht I will say you, can you push my Account? because I wanna go to holyday and maybe, i had there no Internet connection.
    so please answer, than we can chat and I give you e-mail and code.

    ps. you Made good Videos!

  3. COC in IOS allowes inappropriate words? not fair!

  4. I req to join your clan am I allowed to join?

  5. Hey its SEEMS LEGIT from your clan, I was sleeping when you pranked my clanmates :3

  6. lol, haha so funny when VIKINGS said bye! ?? I'm Chief_Blaze

  7. accept me in clan



  10. Thanks God I was not online when he said that all . Great video trolling with us lol ( Agera Gaurav) in the clan

  11. smiffy its me GreekPROGamer i saw in the chat what you wrote haha nice prank i was shocked!!!xD

  12. send us clan mail to say you are starting a video in the future please

  13. Lol your clans full so I can't visit to say hi :(

  14. Nicely done??If I was on I woulda ruined it because I know you won't quit haha Btw I laughed so hard when VIKINGS said "bye" ??

  15. Haha god job with the prank man!

  16. Haha lol thank god I didn't get trolled