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  1. that was my clan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i use to attack like u too

  3. Do one attack at the beggining and one at the end

  4. 7 had the worst base design of all time. 2 golems from a bog corner to get the queen and cc then hogs and a heal on the other 3 big corners, 3 stars every time.

  5. I do my first attack straight away and hold the second attack for clean up

  6. Ya both

  7. in. war I usually wait until like 2 of my clan mates attack so I can have an idea of what is most likely in the cc.. it doesn't change it, it just helps me prepare

  8. I just attack when my troops are ready and when I log on, so usually about 4 hours into the war, then the 2nd attack about 10 hours into the war

  9. Ddd

  10. ballsy! I love the live war attack!!!! You're the best Beak!!

  11. Love your videos beaker .i am leader of the clan sang hunters. Keep posting I always watch check us out jag is my name ??

  12. you shud check our war.. 10 3s in the first hour..

  13. beaker i like to join your clan

  14. hi beaker ! i m th 10 and top player of my clan and i attack at end because if someone is not attack than I attack

  15. and subscribed

  16. in my clan are we doing that

  17. its good if you attack in the begin of the war

  18. u a boss !

  19. Love your vids beak! Keep it up man, your dark farming has helped me so much!, not only your farming has helped me but your attacking is just legendary man! Keep it up man!

  20. hey Beaker i always attack at war commencement and seek to three star each time.

  21. Big fan and can I join you I'm good

  22. Beginning and then at the end unless I can save the troops for next war. I am also Ina clan with a bunch of th7 and lower to 3 or 4th. I am th9 but I'm kinda rushed☹??

  23. I got a 99% 2 star because I ran out of time and the last building was a spell factory.. I was so mad today lol then i thought about how when u said to always bring cleanup :/

  24. Pls join my new clan called make my tops

  25. I wait until war start and attack

  26. school= fun but sometimes not so much

  27. Start