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  1. New intro – Yay or nay?

  2. Is there a glitch in upgrading Valks. I have researched them twice and still lvl 1

  3. Why do you say Ar-Kill-eez? There's no R in his name. It's Achilles. Uh-kill-eez.

    And, yeah, one of those was a th10 vs a 9, not really a fair comparison

  4. Eeeh, not really feeling ur intro suiting u man…. It's good but doesn't scream clash with ash! Keep trying! Clash on!

  5. Are you making a somewhat living off youtube now? Ive been subbed since 5k subs

  6. Hey ash!

  7. its getting bored clash of clans..when will be the next a good update??the exicitement for playing it already fading..

  8. 2 replay was a th10 wtf

  9. Great video ash?

  10. Very nice Ash, multiple replays for different style bases at various skills levels.

  11. Awesome new intro effects at the end…

  12. Ash, im a fairly new subscriber and i must say you are the best clash channel on youtube. Absolutely love your vids and i can surely see the effort you go to put these out. This is my first comment on one of your vids and just wanted to show some appreciation

  13. Great stuff, as always…thx. Maybe I'll upgrade my valks now. haha..Thanks for including the lower heroes and the trophy base

  14. hey man !! how's your day?

  15. :new intro!

  16. Woohoo valks! Been loving them after I maxed them out

  17. Nice intro

  18. .

  19. I know some people don't care

  20. First comment