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Clash of Clans | UNLUCKIEST CLASHER EVER? | How not to play Clash of Clans

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  1. cam…. i found a really rushed th11

  2. i love cams videos

  3. Cam can you tell us a good farming attack for th 8 thanks!

  4. I completely agree with you on the farming part, im finding a lot of bases with ~450k both elixir and gold, and every 3rd base has 2.5k dark elixir (btw, im a almost maxed th9 in master 2), and you just have to either bring loonion or gowiwi or gowipe or something similiar, and like cam said, not 100 barbs 100 archers and kill the collectors…

  5. I tried to join BarbariaNPro and but reef just instantly declined me and didnt even give me a chance. What did i do wrong? I tweeted @agentbrando like it says in the clan description

  6. If you could be inside of anything in clack of clans what would it be

  7. The new update is so f*** up the only place to find loot is masters everywhere else is dry I can't find anything and I'm not using barch I'm attacking with Loonion and can't find anything should I push to master and try get loot their?

  8. Sorry Cam, but I disagree farming for high level is ok but for low level ( silver, gold, crystal ) is really bad I searched for 30 minutes in gold and did not find anything….. and I use ballonion and barch to farm.

  9. wat app do you use to screen record?

  10. hi can i join to ur clan ? i just go th8

  11. Which league is the best for th9?

  12. CQOTD:WTF IS th8 push

  13. does anyone else push the return home button thinking this isn't a video but you actually checking your clash of clans?

  14. bro you are such a damn goof haha. I wish my vids were comical. i just have MLG pro stuff. may add some comedy ?

  15. Cam you sayed you will do funny moment in clash

  16. CQOTD : When Did U Started playing COC cam ?

  17. CQOTD: How is it posibble to get into your clan? BTW you are a great base builder.

  18. I'm finding tons of inactive bases around 950 trophies

  19. Yep! He's almost more unlucky than me!

  20. CQOTD:If someone from your clan fail hard do you kick him?