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Clash of Clans Update ♦ FARMING ♦ Town Hall 8 Farming and Defense Strategy ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Yes SuperCell listen to Gallydon 50% full league bonus and add a defense league bonus.

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  3. Gali why can't I find good inactive bases to barch anymore? Right after the TH11 update came out I was finding great inactive bases to raid but sense then I can't seem to find any. I'm spending over 20 minutes now to find inactive bases with 200k loot. My theory is that when other people barch these bases they get the new 12 hour shield for 30% destruction. Therfor nobody can find them now. Please respond because I really want to know if I am wrong or if there is anything that can be done to fix this.

    Please Respond /: (BTW I'm a TH8 in Gold II)

  4. th9 farming post update is worst

  5. did you read this comment

  6. clash of clan Going down ! .. i given up !

  7. Hey, if there are any small clash youtubers out there that want to use a th9 vs th 9 golaloon 3 star video that I did recently in a war, reply and let me know a way to get the video to you, it's not amazingly well recorded, but it's pretty good!

  8. farming at townhall 9 sucks

  9. Wow… to find loot we have to push and get leauge bonuses? That's really dumb, I miss the old loot system :(

  10. Who remembers when you could lure the heros to a corner and drop a archer, and some minions to take out the king? The good old days :)

  11. I use goblins to farm galadon because it costs 100 elixir and I am at th 8

  12. I'm my opinion I thick supercell doesn't care about TH8 and down there is NO LOOT AND and the loot bonus should be a lot bigger

  13. Well Gally I am a maxed th8 farming those skulls in masters 2 with giants hogs and heals and the bonus system is absolutely torturous. I really expected a 30-50% increase and am really disappointed. Well the problem is not elixir or dark (already wasted millions and tens of thousands respectively) but gold.

  14. i agree with galadon, the league bonus system sucks

  15. I am a th8 and i am in Crystal 3 and the loot is really easy to find. I am using 32 balloons 20 minions, 2 lvl 5 lightning spells, one lvl 5 rage spell and a lvl 2 earthquake spell. That army cop. cost about 200,000 elixer. I dont go for anything under 300,000 of each, which i find about every 5 bases.

  16. Th8 farming is dead. This update killed farming.

  17. Hi,

    a good video for farming at TH8, however as you state this strategy can easily do a few attacks in an hour. But myself being one a casual player that jumps on a few times a day to do a few attacks this strategy isn't profitable as doing an attack then another in a few hours time means were significantly reducing the sheild and as so many TH10s and 9s have dropped usually any gains in attacks are wiped out by the defence

    i can see farming is still possible if you are active enough however for the casual player the update IMO has killed the game for many as has made progressing impossible

    I hope SC make significant changes very soon

  18. You are asking for th9s and th10s to share how they farm? Guess what, you won't get any. Farming is essentially dead at th9 and th10. I'm a new th10. I maxed out my th9 before upgrading to th10. You basically killed farming in your update. Dead bases are gone. You need a full army to loot which costs a lot of time and elixir, especially in th10 (which is almost impossible to raid beneficially). And you need a lot of gold to search a viable village, only to have 100k of loot. It is more beneficial to just wait for collectors and mines for resources. In short your update is very very wrong. How can you upgrade your base if you cannot have loot? Not all players are trophy pushers. Whoever thought of the new shield system should be fired

  19. for th 9

  20. hey galadon ive realised something due to the update you cant really rely on defence trophies due to shield. so shield does have a downside. what do you think last season even though im rushed i did get over 300 defence trophies. something to think about and maybe a video gives a shout out BIGGZ786 that my name big fan .