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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ LOOT CHANGES! ♦ Clash Loot Update! ♦

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  1. yeaaaaaaaasss

  2. idk how so many people complaining. Loot has never been better for me. 500k of each find in Crystal 1 within 10-20 searches

  3. Why dont they just go back to the old system it was realy good.
    Or just make th snipe again but loot is in the th so u sacrafice some loot for a sheild

  4. Almost 1 million subs

  5. This is an interesting addition. Something one of our clan members said should be added is some sort of indicator as to who has shields out of the people in your defense log, so you don't have to go through each base, trying to find one which you can revenge. Thoughts?

  6. making the game more complicated smh.. great job, supercell… great job…

  7. Please decrease the upgrade amount of walls. Its too much expensive. Taking too much gold. Please decrease it upto 50% or 40%

  8. Join Lighter! Looking for active war members.

  9. Hey galadon why if i open coc it wont launch it will turn to black


  11. So we don't actually gain loot from defending, we just get back a % from what we lost?

  12. currently playing at crystal one and have started seeing dead bases again!!

  13. they should just fix what they broke.. 100% loot bonus should be paid for a victory!

  14. Supercell we want to buy name changes with gems

  15. so the treasury is just like a value in a boom beach game?

  16. I keep getting raided 400,000 elixir at TH9….2 times a day!

  17. I'd be happy if they left the one gem resource boost up forever.

  18. All of this and still Supercell developers will not accept …crap i am wrong please revert the game strategy…wow…continue messing up whe no one wants your game then sense might strike you in the head..simply bring back farming….and reduce these wall cost

  19. is farming coming back ????

  20. Awesome

  21. i want for update is u can upgrade heroes only 2days per lvl

  22. I think they will not give us back the dead bases.. Too many players already quit after the TH11 update.

  23. we need name change update again let us buy name changes