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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ New CLONE Spell = More TROOPS! ♦

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  1. baby dragon will come in this update along with miner look at 2:09 there are eggs , dragon eggs probably.

  2. Can you clone hero's???

  3. wow finally we can move our entire villages

  4. who would ever dislike this, he just brought you the new update you been wanting to see

  5. Looks like bullshit

  6. amazing! so excited for the NEW UPDATE!!!!

  7. 0:51 look the normal barracks new troop!!

  8. can you clone heroes and what are these new barracks?

  9. that feeling when you just screwed up with the editor and had to move the whole base one tile up building by building just a day before this was released ;_;

  10. Can clone spell clone heroes?

  11. lvl up spring trap spotted

  12. i think 4 space is too much i would say 3

  13. mirror

  14. Nice im gonna play clash after 1/2 years again

  15. U have to stupid to think they did this for Cam LMFAO

  16. Can you put a skeleton spell in a clone spell

  17. I saw something intersting that can change the future of CoC…..New design of Mortarball yeah next update they'll definetly nerf it!

  18. Cool but erease mide isnt new…

  19. Wow this is a really cool update

  20. Wow this is a really fool update

  21. Imagine Clone Spell with Multipe Skelleton Spell!

  22. when will this update come!!

  23. did anybody see the new barracks

  24. when will it update, i can't wait to see n play

  25. Erade mode already existed

  26. when does the update drop

  27. Cool if it could do the heros as well

  28. clone spell is like a mirror in clash royal

  29. what if 250 barbs one 2 haate and rest clone spell

  30. i see those two barracks up top different ??

  31. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE PLZZZ NO MORE!!!!!!!!! GETTING TOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

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  33. it's seem to be like the mirror in clash royale?

  34. Oh that sucks that new clone troop doesn't stay lol

  35. Which townhall is it?