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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ NEW Spell: The SKELETON Spell! ♦

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  1. Dont you thing that its pretty op at th9? i mean bye DGB and hello Hogs its like xmod in-game edition

  2. maybe to assist the witches during a gowiwi attack

  3. th9 govaho with skele spell on double bombs 1 jump 2 heal = 3 stars everytime

  4. Wow for th9 war u can just place the Skelton spell on potential giant bomb places, and boom and you can destroy a base with hogs with ease. This will make th9 easier to 3 star

  5. Looks Like Supercell tried to bring Skeleton Army from Clash Royale to Clash of Clans just in the form of dark spell !

  6. i think we can use this spell for farming ??


  8. new level for barracks omfg!!!!!!

  9. when will this u0date come

  10. Did anyone saw the new barracks at 1:21

  11. the witch is becoming of no use lately…….This spell can be used to destroy single target defences , it can be used to barch , I mean , skebarch or BAMS

  12. did anyone notice lvl 11 barracks

  13. Try them in mass witches!

  14. All of this update really makes me play more clash of clans again, but all of my clan mates are inactive now. I miss the old days when we war together a win together :)

  15. Get the grand warden near the center then spawn the skeletons in and use the wardens ability

  16. I love it… Being a th8… Requesting for this spell would definitely be useful

  17. New troop confirmed


  19. new level 11 barracks yeah

  20. Will these skeletons trigger traps?

  21. For th 11 you can use it with grand warden ability and take th with star

  22. One jump, one rage, wardens ability and rest skeleton spells ?

  23. I had been expecting a spell like this!!!

  24. Guis how about to disable traps with these spells i mean some players make big spaces with bombs there.better to carry a few of these spells with you and disable them.I think its better than to waste troops

  25. do a 300 skeleton spell pls

  26. maybe skeleton spells with grand wardens ability could be a killer combo

  27. New spell can set off dgb and then easy goho

  28. Did anyone notice clan level 12?