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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ Sneak Peek #1! ♦ NEW LEVELS!

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  1. I think 6-8 Hours would be okay

  2. Level 11 baracks!!!!!!!

  3. No cooltime pls
    Keep up the good work OLd man??

  4. I think Clash of clans should have a revenge count down. I rarely get to get revenge on people. I think this would encourage people to attack more and this may lead to some people buying gems to shield their base because they know the revenge attacks are coming. it's a win for everyone.

  5. 2:11 new regular troops

  6. Look at the barracks at the start of the first attack holy shit

  7. they should make the "friendly battle" bases not be able to mimic bases of any of the opponents clan in war. it'll be hard to program but it'll pay off

  8. Where is the special guess video

  9. can i use video fotage from you☺??

  10. U should just be able to attack bases of an finished war

  11. اول عربي بيعلق هههههه الله وانا

  12. Instead of the cooldown they could to that players cannot change the friendly challenge base during a war

  13. but the units in frindly battles wiil cost elixer right that make a lost to my elixer that every single town hall need right?? if the troops in the frindly battles will be free it will be amazing but its not sooooooo its not gooood and it makes a lost

  14. there are new barracks

  15. i think they should add 24 hours cooldown

  16. Best sollucion with friendly challenge so far 🙂 Anyways im lucking forward to this update, just need some stuff for th 8s and 9s.

  17. best UPDATE ever

  18. Theres a new barracks levels. 2:06

  19. cannon lvl 14 u forgot that noob

  20. the barraks new lvl

  21. Clash of clans is dead

  22. 24 hour cool down is a great idea


  24. Did you know that supercell is maybe going to be sold to china?

  25. Holy shut lvl 7 balloons I'm hyped

  26. start hate coc


  28. in the lavaloon attavc there were new level barracks!!!!

  29. clash of clans' cannon is getting stronger and stronger while clash royale's cannon is getting weaker and weaker

  30. To me!

  31. I am new to YouTube and trying hard to get views and subscribers

  32. Subscribe!

  33. Finally something for us air attackers ??

  34. …. Omg …. Lvl 4 lavahound at th9 clancastle is OP….

  35. oh please no ( your idea )