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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ The Loot (and Eagle) has LANDED! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. This is a very bad, and wimpy way of fixing the problem. The addition of more complex looting system and the 5 star loot bonus is pathetic. If the game was fun and well balanced SC did not have to make these lousy tweeks over and over. The game mechanics is simply to complicated. Bring back a simple COC. Boom beach works great, learn from their team. And finally Galadon, you have to admit that you always are a little bit to excited when SC release something. Why is your morale always pro-supercell?

  2. I tried updating it on my phone but I don't see the update botton

  3. 3:20 look at the elixir storage next to the king. (bottom right )

  4. A høg 'Rider'head? ???????

  5. I was just playing last night now it says your device inst compatible with this version what do I do?

  6. I am at gold 3 too

  7. Yes I do agree these are great additions but my daily star bonus is only 220k.. I'm not trying to be greedy but TH snipes gained me MILLIONS of loot a day.

  8. Hi Galadon. I did already 8 stars so far (after the update) but the game only count 4 stars… How can that be? Where is my daily star bonus?? Bugs again?? Congrats for 1mil.

  9. someone needs to figure out where to put the 3rd air support unit we got with the update, my TH lvl 7 has no 'good' spot for it

  10. this does nothing to fix the loot. my star bonus was 115k and 600 de. its a joke.

  11. hallo galadon would you like to find out all loots star bonus thank you :)

  12. I think my only quarrel is that you can't get a new star bonus until 24 hours AFTER you finish getting the star bonus…but I kind of understand why

  13. whats the daily bonus for a titan or legend league player

  14. Guys I saw something about clan war tournaments

  15. My storages were full for the last 2 weeks. But I'm a greedy son of a (insert swearword here) and I am really excited to get even more!

  16. My clan just finished a war with tied stars, but we lost because the difference in total destruction was:
    I don't think it could get any closer than that.

  17. I think this is a good update, a couple steps in the right direction. I would also like to see a progressive bonus that stays with the base that was skipped, i hit next so many times and that gold adds up….

  18. good thing about this
    new update

  19. It actually won't let me update so sad its stop at 77% every time I update

  20. Hey Galadon, please stop with clash royal and focus more about clash of clans. sincerely, an Android user frustrated from supercell.

  21. The loot cart will definitely help, because you're creating loot with every attack, and you're motivated to attack because of the bonus

  22. If they didn't remove townhall sniping they wouldn't have to do useless updates

  23. Maybe now is the time for golem to be lvl 6?

  24. my clash of clans game won't open up

  25. Ayyy

  26. Ahh waited for this vid

  27. Galadon can you ask supercell if they can reset the star bonus after you get the 5 stars? Seems to not be good enough and not efficient