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Clash of Clans UPDATE ♦ THE MINER! ♦

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  1. when is the update? i forgot

  2. destroyed walls look different

  3. clash is back

  4. Add troops for lowed townhalls

  5. supercell is out of ideas… just sad

  6. Cool , I had had the same idea with a mole as a dark troop . However, my slow and spell had had underground no effect . The earthquakes have boosting them.?

  7. miner??? seems nice, but the Baby dragon… wtf is this sh*t

    even galadon states that he is most excited about the miner and friendly challenge, but doesnt mention the baby dragon

  8. Hmm, this update is quite "groundbreaking"

  9. anyone notice the level 12 clan?

  10. whats the song at the beginning?

  11. um no no no!! I don't agree with the miner..

  12. um no no no!! I don't agree with the miner..

  13. 48miners and the clone spell….

  14. Miner? what is next John Cena.

  15. this is too bad????

  16. Better than the baby dragon. That thing seems useless

  17. I'm not going to say that I'm disappointed, but…

    I think most of us are disappointed lol

  18. Best update ever

  19. I knew this was coming when I saw the barracks

  20. am sorry super cell. another bowler. nothing changed so far for COC. you could bring the ice wizard or the musketeer, but the miner & baby dragon!!! COC is crying for a fresh troop to change the dynamics of the game, these two wont make a difference.
    Sincerely, a clasher

  21. no supercell you will ruin the game noooo

  22. better than the baby dragon…

  23. And here we see Supercell yet again catering to their top players and ignoring everyone in lower TH's. Surprise!

  24. Anyone know when the update is actually going to be launched?

  25. Can you heal miners underground?

  26. please make a #supercellisrunningoutofideas

  27. when is the update?

  28. Wow

  29. this update will be the bigest ever 2 troops ,2new spells and new upgrades best evere

  30. Its funny. I actually unlocked miner in royale from a crown chest today.

  31. "beginning at th 10!" Make an update for lower levels!

    Nah jk im lvl 130 th10 and stopped playing, what am i saying xD


  33. How will it work with a healer? Will the healer follow it while they are underground?

  34. when you just got to town hall 8 and can't get anything

  35. They are trying to hard, let's just face it coc is dead

  36. They need underground traps.

  37. Wow, I w,ill certainly use this when I
    unlock it!

  38. can we have a little bit cheaper cost of walls please ? if it's not too much to ask?