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  1. Subscribed!love it!

  2. It is easy for me to get loot but I always lose a lot of lot from getting attacked

  3. Hey buddy!

  4. they should add a vulat

  5. Beak, if you need a good base for tree spawning…search up "crows" by aphrodi. It's amazing.

  6. You beak, next time when sneak peak comes can you give link to it please?
    Anyway Hi :)

  7. One more level until my queen is maxed Beak!

  8. Do war stars count for the star bonus

  9. I'm sick so I have to chill ?

  10. Rushed to max plz

  11. east or west beak is the best

  12. Beaker I'm not sure if you planned this but your name on this account is DreDay and ur in the clan ruthless, the movie straight outta Compton is you, Breaker=illuminati

  13. Thank you supercell for fixing loot

  14. The clan castle should be your Mini Bank, whatever lvl clan you are and whatever lvl clan castle you have determines how much you can hold and you could be able to deposit and withdraw, counting cc loot

  15. The clan castle should act more like the Vault in boom beach

  16. This is turning into boom beach vault, vp rewards, and defensive bonuses really supercell???

  17. Hey beaker, when will be update?

  18. plz show us a pic of traps for that base in the background

  19. Hey beak

  20. hey beak! nice vid man