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Clash Of Clans Update: ALL NEW TROOP TRAINING [Quick Train Feature]

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  1. for me its a bad news bcoz (im th8) after my camp is full, 6 troops trained in barracks but now only 1 troop will be trained and waiting (correct me if i am wrong)

  2. Bread sneak peak video. Ash, a few people have already asked this and I haven't seen the answer in the comments…what is the advantage of upgrading every barx now? To lower troop build time?

  3. I have wanted this for SOOOOOOOO long. Great addition!

  4. no gem collector????

  5. ash i need to ask you a question.
    if we mix dark and elixir troops it will be taking more time than previous or not

  6. omg i asked the same "what is the use of upgrading all barracks?" thing in tutes' channel.

  7. will training time increase if one of the barrack is on upgrade??

  8. i just saw the official vid a min ago…this is amazing!!!!!!

  9. if we don't get instant train for FC the FC is STILL a flop!!!! That's a shame because it had great potential.

  10. Does this now eliminate the difficulty when you unlock a new troop with one of your barracks and the rest are not upgraded yet?

  11. Wow how come ash able to show the new features as update is not out yet?

  12. You have a boner army? Interesting.

  13. hi

  14. supercell needs to do the update already. games getting very boring something to keep people interested would be nice.

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  16. See Haters Clash of Clans is not dead!

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  18. finally!

  19. yo ash i have only 1 miner barrack. can i cook 41 miner? or still have upgrade all barracks bcoz 1 miner barracks only cook 17 i think?

  20. There should be something new perks for clan lvl 10+ and also there is no use of win streak supercell should think over it

  21. is there going to be no existance for barracks after the update and when it is coming

  22. Ash, sometimes on a raid the entire army is not deployed. If there are a few remaining troops left and you do the quick train will it recognize this and only train what's needed or try to train a full army on top of what was left in your camps? Ty for all your hard work, fellow EN member here (BE).

  23. I'm so confused.

  24. They couldn't do this 2 fucking years ago

  25. 217 XP?! You obviously didnt donate in this developer build. Than how the hell is your xp so high?

  26. Thanks for great video
    WIll upgrading one barrack with unlocked dragon (as example) to pekka level lessen training time of dragon?
    Or from moment when you upgraded all 4 barracks to dragons and unlocked 3minutes time it will not change if you continue to upgrade them?

    What will happen with time of troops if you upgrade all 4 barracks at the same time?

  27. Legend SAys ash will reply even if u are late. cuz ash loves his subscribers!! <3

  28. great job SC (is this even the same company). as ftp player i would love a half hr boost with half the gems but hey if you keep giving us great features like these its reasonable that you want us to spend more gems

  29. I really like this. I'm starting to get quite excited about this update. The bonus you don't mention is that it will stick it to the botters as well :)

  30. So what is the point in having 4 different barracks now? And also upgrading barracks' that aren't maxed if you already have at least 1 maxed… You may as well have just have 1 lvl 12 barrack (th11) because you've unlocked all the troops you need. Great feature though, can't wait for the update ??

  31. ash, how does it work with a partially trained army? if half mu army is made will it fill in the gaps or just start rebuilding in the order set up?

  32. Amazing !! Excellent changes!

  33. I've been wanting a streamlined interface like this forever. It is sort of silly that it took this long to get one, but i'm not going to complain. Just glad we are finally getting it!

  34. the feature where you can freely donate troops without affecting your current army thats so COOL…
    btw the 'second army' wont be trained and fill the camp once you finish your attack with the 'main army' right??

  35. ash, do more hog ♻ cycle deck

  36. well that really screws up fast turn around farmers. been using bam again with great success and this completely screws that style over.

  37. this is good… i think?

  38. They straight fucked us on the boosting.many times iv boosted 1 de barracks just to fill gotta waste another 25 gems just to bust out some troops fast

  39. if pekka was unlocked in one barracks,then it will take 15min.otherwise no reason to upgrade other barracks.

  40. This is a hate comment you should feel offended

  41. I think you said the opposite about gemming cost. Quoting forum:
    "Small amounts of units can have a slightly higher "Finish Training" gem cost
    Large amounts of units have a lower "Finish Training" gem cost"

  42. hey ash

  43. how did you got this server?

  44. I'm excited about this update.

    one thing you got wrong at the end of the video is the individual gem cost vs total army gem cost.

    if you look at your video it was 3gems for 1 bowler but only 40 gems for your entire army which included 10 bowlers plus everything else.

    a quote from Supercell…

    Small amounts of units can have a slightly higher "Finish Training" gem costLarge amounts of units have a lower "Finish Training" gem cost

  45. How do u boost barracks?

  46. brilliant… when is the actual update?

  47. 30 gem flat rate to boost your entire queue of troops. Spells are 10 gems to boost. Heroes still need to be boosted separately. (So no discounts)

    There is no option to boost "individual" barracks as barracks no longer have anything to do with training troops.

    Hope that clears up a few of the early questions about boost cost!

  48. lol!can't you actually replied

  49. Inability to gem the barracks definitely not cool.

  50. this is "preset" army tab thing just promotes thoughtless spam attacks. good for farming raids but the average simpleton wont understand that. no such thing as a "preset" army for a war attack