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Clash of Clans Update Announcement!

Clash of Clans is killing it lately with their updates! This one is full of great quality of life features. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help …


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  1. Is deadspace in bases is good?

  2. they seem really desperate to stop people from leaving, unfortunately the game has just become too boring and repetitive for me

  3. They feel bad about clash of clans players now, the game is forgotten and there is not many things the devs can do. They want to make players play again but the game is dead it's a shame.

  4. update is great ?

  5. dam that 2nd base had a pretty good setup next to the queen. golem distracted king, and bombs stopped loons from takin out wiz tower

  6. no one cares about coc anymore. if this update would have been 1year ago, probatly soms ppl would still play, but its just to late

  7. Jake I love your detailed strategy vids. Idk if you play Clash Royale, but if you do would like to see you play?

  8. a clash royal lover dislikes this video??

  9. You are sooo late

  10. Love the update, just worried about the game economy and people farming with full blown govaho and tanking the DE economy, other than that this is great!

  11. This is amazing!

  12. C&C question: Do you think the reduced training time for the major war troops could be to support a new gameplay feature, like a short 5v5 war? Seems like it would be impossible to have a short war when a full army takes 1.5-2 hours to train. Or do you think this is more to keep people in the game and increase the social aspects of the game that may have lagged a little since the TH11 update?

  13. C&C: Are valks overpowered? How should it be fixed?

  14. Early

  15. Supercell is doing great i think!

  16. I love your channel Jake! Keep up with the good work 😉 I do like the new update

  17. Updates are coming out and people dont care because they already quit.

  18. Wow, a dislike already… Who would dislike this update ????

  19. old. Already live for 12 hours :))

  20. It is nice!

  21. commence rejoice

  22. gg

  23. hey

  24. wow im early