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Clash of Clans – UPDATE Balancing Soon “Not the Best”

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  1. What about using balloons to scout seeking air mines? dragon/2 balloons has been very effective since they jump in front of the dragon and take the BIG hit usually. If you're doing an air/ground hybrid it could be useful and i'm sure healers can take a couple regular air mines. I could see this as a PLUS too if looked at in the right way. maybe i'm the first? lol

  2. I could have dealt with just seeking mines hitting air troops but all traps? That's too much

  3. @Valkyrie Rage seeking air mines do 1 shot healers. A level 1 seekin air mine does 1500 damage, and a max level 4 healer has 1176 hp.

  4. I feel ya
    They should increase the wiz/mortar damage

  5. I doubt this will stop queen walking!

  6. #NotTheirBest