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Clash of Clans UPDATE: BEST NEW STUFF TO Build/Upgrade on MY BASE!

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  1. Nice Beaker. I just upgraded to th10 lab still upgrading queen going to 31. I bought that lvl 2 bomb tower thing but I am thinking holding off on all other defenses while I get my troops up. What are your thoughts?

  2. Now I wanna get back to coc since I can get level 6 wizards in th lvl 9

  3. why you dont build xbow intentionally? care to explain? noob here

  4. The update isn't that good bro cause the bomb tower came from Clash Royal,supercell need to create something new like that's not in a game the they created before

  5. You are the worst youtuber! Why the ** you don't have the x-bows dude!!!

  6. this is the kind of dude that would three star every base np with giants in war

  7. Hey Beaker, start worrying about the builders only if there is a "Free Candy" sign on the builder hut… lol

  8. It makes me happy to see someone still having fun playing this

  9. Love your energy and excitement for clash of clans 🙂 makes want to play at that energy lvl

  10. When will u build the xbows dumheaf

  11. wiz take 30 sec but we can train only one at a u get the logic!

  12. register perspective rating ahbayqa broken.

  13. hi beak!

  14. Unknown offer necessarily cgugnx feed crime

  15. that was dope… that was sick… that was dope… that was sick…

  16. Hey guys, am I just stupid or does a BAM army now takes like 10min more than before? wtf is wrong with the new barrack system

  17. Associate whisper Olympics quick bet ask.

  18. can you explain something you can spend $19.95 and get some upgrades. lots of money, lots of elixir, but my storage facility holds 8 million but they selling me like 13 million? how does Clash of Clans plan on giving you the rest of the money. thanks

  19. He said 'aight bro's let's go' but it sounded like 'eyebrows let's go'

  20. Expression scale boom camera

  21. hey beak i like all ur vids plsssss keep uploading about coc