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Clash Of Clans Update: BOMB TOWER vs MINER & HOGS

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  1. :@

  2. when will the update be out????or is it out???

  3. when is the update actually coming out?

  4. 111th!!!!

  5. I thought min sing Lin was banned

  6. when will this update drop?

  7. 3:05 did anyone else notice he said boner lol

  8. Idk how I feel about it, I thought it was good that hogs got killed by double giant bombs

  9. whoa , sperms attack

  10. You've been underrated for years now

  11. woooou

  12. Im in uk and I don't have the update

  13. hello I'm from Brazil and watching always to your videos! congratulations on the channel ??

  14. Update is today right?

  15. If this will come out in the updates and they will say adapt or quit well shut up #don't buff the giant bomb that's all WTF SC brainless

  16. My govaho attack gonnabe more awesome..

  17. This is going to kill th9…. which is the most common th in the competitive scene. Base design becomes so much less important so that's no fun.

  18. Hogs buff is very bizarre and makes no sense. They're ruining th9 with this stupid update.

  19. really disappointed that hog spam is going to be a big attack at th9.

  20. Kill the AQ and CC, then mass hogs

  21. how hard is it to pronounce a A in spanish? just use the a sound is art. "mano a mano = hand to hand"

  22. watch out for the pentabomb bases

  23. Would love to see what exactly will kill the lvl 5 hogs at th9 as you demonstrated at the start. Is the bomb tower+ 1 GB able to take out a pack of hogs under heal or if you add a few mini bombs? Thx ash

  24. thanks for the video Ash! :)

  25. omfg i have to account TH8 and a TH9 and now what's the point to war???

    its like the new mass miners but for TH8&9 with hogs
    f sc

  26. I knew it ash, I commented on clash tutors video saying they would be op and they are! Now we have spam attacks at th8, 9, 10 and 11 thanks supercell, nice one

  27. I guess it's time to pour bleach on th9 and let them dissolve into ruins: in conclusion rip th9: (

  28. when will update come?

  29. superb

  30. Was the Arranged Clan Wares The Last Sneak Peak Ash?? Or Do we have Any Other Sneak Peeks??

  31. How comes bomb tower can't attack air in coc?
    CR i can understand but this…

  32. Wow th 8 and 9 will be absolutely roasted in cw wtf

  33. I got to legendary arena in CLASH ROYALE!!

    Can I have top comment cause of it, I work so so hard :)