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Clash of Clans – *UPDATE BROKEN!!* @ClashofClans – NEW Update Fail or Success?

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  1. 100% super cells developers are drunk… What the hell are they thinking?

  2. Happens to me too

  3. bring back farming supercell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. also as a new th10 (max th9) im only finding maxed th10 bases and i just cant do a thing its super frustraiting ive stopped playing for now

  5. did they remove inactive bases

  6. A big fail! Just made to pick more money out of players pockets. This game was becoming outdated already. Time to say goodbye to Supercel milking cow.

  7. This new update is the worst!! Way to ruin a good game Supercell.

  8. Finally a honest video on the update, good job.

  9. this game is fucked up since the new update comes out

  10. sorry, not liking your video so SC can think they did something right. as someone who has spent 1700 in the last 15 months farming my way to TH10, this update might have ruined it for me. when I had DE the first couple of days, I killed for it with gowipes using 4 golems. they score 2500-3000 DE but spent 3k to get it. I've lost 4 mil elixir since this update farming with bigger armies. no point to it anymore.

  11. the personal break is the most annoying part of the update

  12. Fail for supercell…

  13. People r saying drop trophies but im th10 and when i get down there i do 5 raids and go off for 10 mins and i have gained 400+ trophies its riduculas that i should have tonspend so much time dropping trophies insted of farming

  14. yeah, I spoke to soon there are very annoying things

  15. The reason your gaining trophies is because people want to show their first encounter with a th11……

  16. im not even attacking anymore f it

  17. sooo is that why i haven't been attacked in 3 days when usually i get attacked at least 2 times a day?

  18. Dropping trophies lol they don't know when to quit

  19. " Alert SPOILER " they dropping troops like that because in silver or bronze have many amount of LOOT and easy atack so they decrease the troppy and go to low League

  20. I meant the only GOOD thing