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Clash of Clans Update DROPS!

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  1. i dont like the new troop training because whats the point of having different barracks if you need to wait for normal troops to train before dark elixir troops or vice versa

  2. I was playing the update when this came out

  3. vas a the9 players the best troop composition for 3 stars is 2 golems, 2 hogs, 15 val, 5 wizards, 4 wallbreakers, archers, and clan castel I perfer wizarfs as for spell 2 rage, 2 heal and haste spell

  4. i wanna see galamon get rapped by 20 niggers

  5. Galadon mentioned Cam sucks at Gaming? HYPE x)

  6. GoWiPe will always be a thing in our hearts <3

  7. Two of my three accounts just got a legendary and an epic chest. 😀 I should go buy a lottery ticket now

  8. the most disappointing update ever hype. just terrible. who requested the new training que, so silly. If its not broke why fix it. dumb dumb dumb. I was hoping for a game changing update. This update is seriously lacking the creativity that got me playing. I would have been fine with Galadon's idea of new wall types anything that was creative.

    Also the top secret miner nerf pisses me off, now I know why I just lost 2 war raids with miners. We all spent lots of time upgrading the miners, now they are terrible. I hate this.

  9. when are you giving gift card next time

  10. Oh my god

  11. this update is amazing

  12. so the giant bomb still does 1.5 damage against hogs?

  13. How does increasing prices of boost by 50-300% (depending on army comp) bring back excitement?

  14. 20 october or today

  15. I stopped playing this game and deleted it because it got so utterly boring on th9. Everything takes ages to upgrade. I upgraded everything and started on the wall, it got so damn boring raiding and raiding and raiding just to upgrade one wall, and I had many left.

    Clash of clans is boring. It's dead.

  16. CLASH OF CLANS ATTACKS – that's what we want…

  17. they didn't fix the one problem that needs fixed, engineered bases. I'm done until they do something with that, we haven't had a war against a true equal clan in weeks.

  18. I want to see a dead villegs

  19. Th update is already here!

  20. eat passenger found cscua oil coverage.

  21. Sorry her cake sanction ought.

  22. i swear down galadon there was suppose to be lvl 6 pekka right? im finnaly th8

  23. th9s strats

  24. didnt think galadon still did clash of clans videos.

  25. Miners nerf… No more 3star even 1 star is hard to get in legend

  26. make sure u gem it so u will be bored and hyped for the next update

  27. Rip Cheif Pat


  29. any attack strstegy? goboner seems dead,will laloon work?

  30. shop wants me to buy a bomb tower with 10& I'm like nah eat my ass I got enough gold XD

  31. Last time I played was over 3 months ago and it brought me back

  32. I bought the pack and didn't get my bomb tower or gold, anyone else have the same issue?

  33. (◣‿◢)

  34. galadon plzz visit our clan #JJY8GOY ,we have some small glitches of cr ,we do have some videos of how d giant skeleton blocks the pekka n prince while attakin on d crwn twer

  35. takes longer now to train whole armies?. sucks when I have to do last minute clean up attacks

  36. this update is worst….now training camp can only train one troop at a time…..what is this shit…how this can be good.

  37. Basically supercell took out 3 barracks and left one…….

  38. which app do you use????

  39. I bought the bomb tower gold gems from my phone. It prompted me again on my iPad so I did it. The second time it gave me 10,000,000 gold and 122,000 dark elixir wtf I'm a th9!

  40. I hope because since bowler this channel only had shit (clash royale)

  41. i agree

  42. let's be honest folks, doesn't matter what they offer in the updates as long as sniping is gone clash will remain dead. no one wants to raid for an hour just to have everything taken away by one raid from an enemy. The only people who don't mind are the gemmers, they don't need to save resources they just buy them.

  43. Nice intro. . "Yes"

  44. clash of clans Is BACK

  45. Gowipe is going to get some more since the tesla double damage is removed

  46. yes coc is back , btw many glitches , hope there will be a maintanance