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  1. I am atrophy pusher… But the button change doesnt change a thing…

  2. You.deserve 1 billion subs bro

  3. Love your videos Ash ! Keep up the good work ! Can't wait for this update ! Clash Royale new update out now !

  4. actually you beat galadon

  5. Galadon barely beat you!

  6. 15 minute golems!

  7. awesome to see these changes coming to clash. This update will really help the clans become more active when ppl can attack more often. As you said, this was a big step to the right direction of making clash fun again.

  8. Finally!! Clash will make a comeback

  9. I been talking so much trash about clash of clans but this is an update that I do like . since I'm in Titan league I use strong troops and it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrr! one reason why I wouldn't play this game hardly at all..

  10. I finally can use mass dragons without wasting gems.

  11. this update is huge. the game needed this. less time for everything, more attacks, better farming, defend more often. really this benefits every single aspect of the game. thanks supercell

  12. They should also allow us to arrange our troops for attacking. Before scrolling wasn't much of an issue but as SC keeps adding new troops and spells, it would definitely start becoming an issue.

  13. Supercell is listening and responding. Thx for the news Ash!

  14. anything changing for witch?

  15. I like your pre-intro and side overlays Ash! ;)

  16. Ash Your awesome

  17. WOOOOHOOOOOO about fricking time. 45 mins for a golum wtf lol

  18. is this a troll vid???

  19. Hey Ashlain! wassup

  20. ash will ppl move back to coc from cr.

  21. ;P 4th

  22. YEAH

  23. Faster time faster farming for me ???

  24. troll