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Clash of Clans UPDATE – FIXES, More Changes Needed?

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  1. If troops run out of the poison then there's no need to make the poison deal collective damage similar to the inferno. It should be changed back to its original consistent damage dealing

  2. War match ups still broken my mini is barley a mid th8 and it still gets paired with mid to high th9s how is that improved match ups

  3. Check out my clan King of Knights All th7+ player who are good in wars are welcome

  4. Seriously, I don't play much clash of clans anymore but the Valkyries have been my most favorite troops since it came out and this updates really helped her to shine. I usually just use her and some wiz, after this update, she is really strong and getting more usage. You want supercell to nerf her? Why? She has been considered useless by most ppl and this update really helps her. So I don't think she really need a nerf

  5. Ranting or naww

  6. bowlers too weak, valks too strong, timer too short, that basically it but instead of fixing that they gonna give us a cliche apology and somehow make the game more broken

  7. for people saying that low th also need some update, i just wanna say that the reason most of the updates are for th11 is bcoz they dont have any new things whereas low th get new things on every upgrade

  8. at least add more 10sec or 5 sec to battle time because our clan getting so much 99% or if we get 99% we will get 1% more automatic plz. sorry for my bad English

  9. +Galadon Gaming, a while clash devs said that they may add a character that didn't make it into the current verison of Clash Royale.

  10. There are too many 3 stars, you say? Maybe cause TH7 and TH8 don't get balanced meanwhile TH9 attack got seriously nerfed


  12. In my clan TH8 and 9 mainly, those 30 seconds were brokenly OP for us and the enemy. We pulled 7
    Perfect wars (3 of them were actually
    In a row) and we do have 1 TH10 with us but for the most part since they took away the 30 seconds, been a lot of 95% -99% 2 stars recently. The TH10 sure could use more time because the troops have more defenses to go through and takes more time. Should be 3 min th2-9 3:15 for th10 and 3:30 for th11. Thats only if they attack the same level townhall though. If a 10 or 11 attacks a nine, then it should be down to 3:00:

  13. 30 more seconds please! It's even hard to 3 star at th7!

  14. 881h like

  15. No th10s besides the super war experts use the new hogs/gobs

  16. …….. what is the point of this video

  17. We Need Night Mode in Clash of Clans because the Torch is useless when it is not night. The level 11 walls too are awesome if they add night mode in COC. We want Night Mode or Gem Collector

  18. Galadon why do you wake up so early

  19. th8 up needs that extra 30seconds!!!

  20. u are boreing

  21. no