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Clash Of Clans Update : FRIEND REQUESTS, RECAP & Q&A!

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  1. They should let you use heroes for war while they upgrade

  2. Is the hero wake up time reduced too?

  3. last sneak peek

  4. what day of lunch this upgrate??

  5. when dose the upgrade can come 2017 or today

  6. Hey if we keep the War log visible then the friendly war log is also visible?

  7. hye ash from when are you playing the coc game?

  8. Do you think the buff to the hogs is to make th9 attacks easier so that more people go to th 10 and 11?

  9. Good stuff buddy 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work you put into your videos. I enjoy watching your content while having my coffee it's a perfect match lol.

  10. Deserve at least 10 millions subs !!! BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!
    Keep going my friend <3

  11. i replied in your LAST vid , guess i need to hit you up on twitter for a response

  12. poor editing

  13. I always wanted a search player tab

  14. wow we are going to have a friend in clash of clan in new up date

  15. when update will launch …this Monday or next Monday

  16. Ash do you Think the wallys will be strong as before? :)

  17. can u see a lvl 1 player Named Ming Sing Ging is on silver 1 & only have exp lvl 1

  18. can u see a lvl 1 player Named Ming Sing Ging is on silver 1 & only have exp lvl 1

  19. Day of launch

  20. this channel has the most quality content out there

  21. I'm loveo ASH #iraq

  22. it 1:00am i thoght the update was going to be today

  23. I thought you were younger 😀 34 is ok. Nice video!

  24. wen is dis update going to launch?

  25. I hope it is possible to mod in live wars

  26. when the update is coming?

  27. how can we see live stream ? ground vs air

  28. 3000 Trophies on Silver 2?? Lol..

  29. Very nice recap! Can't wait for this update to drop!

  30. which dragon warrior ash is ur fav?

  31. Please what a song name in minute 5:54

  32. Okay so i have a question what if you are in a war battle day has started and a base that has been attacked already so you know the trap placements. Now if someone in your clan who isn't in war can go to other clan join a friendly battle and that base you attacked and know the traps of you can practice on it there. Because there is no 24hr cool down timer there! Won't this let people cheat??

  33. hey ash in your video you have 3000 trophies but you are in silver 1 thats crazy ..what happen

  34. how do you
    get that developers built

  35. You missed ! Hogs hv been made crazy troops like miners


  37. hey ash.. whats supercells stand on engineered bases?? it need to stop!..are they planning on something? share your thoughts pls