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Clash of Clans Update Healer Nerf!

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  2. I think supercell games are going down crap royale is pay to win+there's another princess attacking me when I'm trying to get the mirror, and there's another royal giant
    Clash of clans mass bowlers are op, valks are op, healers are being nerfed! I was about to start queen walks, and miners…I'm not at th11 but going off of you tubers and my clan mates they are pissed cuz the games not fun.´╗┐

  3. coc wants it to be so impossible to 3 star a base im a th 11 let me tell you its not easy now not everyone is maxed out now were all fucked no more 3 stars 2 if your lucky´╗┐

  4. i think heather is really angry….oh and did i ever told you that i liked your old channel art more…??´╗┐

  5. thanks heather because of u there will be a upgrade regarding heeler´╗┐

  6. thanks heather because of u there will be a upgrade regarding heeler´╗┐

  7. What a stupid nerf.´╗┐

  8. Supercell needs to get there act together cant even remeber the last time they had a good update and love ur vids heather;)´╗┐


  10. It seems like the community has been getting dumped on for a while now… In my opinion, it started with the change that killed townhall sniping. Now I'm starting to see the YouTubers lose faith… Some have even quit! If SC isn't careful, they'll end up killing their cash cow. Sigh…´╗┐

  11. So I stayed playing coc after healers stopped triggering traps and my question is why is triggering traps an issue for a queen walk? Healers are on the outside/near the very edge of the base and the seeking air mines will be in the base. Surely a healer won't come across a seeking air mine unless you queen walk a long way into the base? (Bare in mind healers stay behind a queen so where'll of the queen is within the first layer walls the healers won't be)´╗┐

  12. Something a lot of people have been blind on: FIX TH9 FARMING!! Im a new th9 and IM SICK of being attacked by th9 using mass giants and lvl 15+ heroes.´╗┐

  13. I could see them reducing some thing, but why needing so many thing at once.´╗┐

  14. Totally fine with the air bomb change. I am an almost max TH10 (Both royals are L35) and I am constantly HB spammed by TH11 bases in wars. I have tested, seriously, probably 50 bases and nothing stops the spammed TH11 HB attacks… nothing. So… Happy to see that I have a defense against TH11 bases now! Check out my clan… TX Ninja Monkey. There is only one. L9 clan. Chur!!´╗┐

  15. it really sucks that the healer are getting nerfed they are just making the game worst and not better´╗┐

  16. hey ash huge fan of your channel´╗┐

  17. why phillipines. not tornament again…plzzz me answer mr coc´╗┐

  18. agreed.´╗┐

  19. i did give some idea to fight healer+mass troop combo not long ago but i didn't bring air mine up. i think SC r just too lazy for a new tactic and just "recycle" their old idea. well done SC,well done´╗┐

  20. ě▓┘çě▒┘ç´╗┐

  21. Nerfing healers is game killing for me´╗┐

  22. Fuck your channel´╗┐

  23. Amen sister!´╗┐

  24. join BLOODY MONSTERS it is a lv 8 clan looking for 3 star attackers and good donators´╗┐

  25. Well said, good video.´╗┐

  26. ……………………well

  27. I couldn't agree more with the tone of this video Heather. Sometimes I wonder about the decisions made by the Clash devteam and this is definitely one of those times. Why are SC constantly forcing us to play they way they think we should be playing, I mean to the nth degree…??? It's like two fingers up the the community. Enough, SC!!!´╗┐

  28. I love playing the game but they somehow nerf something right after I get the hang of it every time sigh .. It's getting to the point where there will be no cheap armies left for looting´╗┐

  29. #savethehealers´╗┐

  30. yea and also now th7s can't use hogs. :(´╗┐

  31. Great video !!!!!!!!!!

  32. From what I've seen SC seems to be a 'shut up and take it' type when it comes to changes. As far as you saying "I'm not a quitter" if you stop playing I'd look at it more like "I'm through wasting my time on and getting so little in return"´╗┐

  33. My clan is recruiting adult members who are th9 and up. Must have solid troops and base. Clan name is Crhulhu Cult. Clan tag is #88VGJC22´╗┐