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Clash of Clans – Update Highlight or Lowlight? Eagle or Pigeon?

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  1. I would like to see a continual ROF but with less Damage

  2. #seagullartillery its right in the middle

  3. is farming dead ? the 600 comments of people bitching about farming didn't really confirm it for me.

  4. #pigeonartillery

  5. The Grand Warden's Tome, and HP buff – is the Kill squad.
    Just the invincibility alone is enough to nullify one of it's shots, you can Freeze spell a second shot, it will be dead by the 3rd shot… so, It is a completely worthless Pigeon.

  6. QNA.What is your favorite food or drink?

  7. Did anyone realize the top players had 5500 trophies and now it's 5080

  8. QNA. if you could meet any celebrity in this world who would it be?

  9. QnA. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

  10. Qna. Would be attacked by a swarm of bees or be attacked by a big bear? Why?

  11. QNA. what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

  12. QnA.. What is the most interesting thing that has happened in your school life?

  13. QnA… What is your biggest fear ever? Mine is heights… I can't stand em?

  14. Are you into Football or soccer?

  15. #penguin

  16. I think it's chicken artillery. lol

  17. #eagle artillery

  18. #Eagle, for sure! No question. It two shots level 40 heroes….. it two shots a golem. It is very powerful. A golem should still be able to tank, which other troop is going to do it then?? it's only one unit. And don't forget you have max heroes!! normal people don't. If you can get a barely two star, what is someone with a 20 something hero and level 2 warden going to do. max troops should be very powerfull, otherwise what's the point of spending all you time and effort (and money) to get it. Most people don't play with max troops, so dont judge to quickly from the point of view from a max troop player. Judge the game as a whole. And there, the eagle is definitely a eagle.

  19. #pigeonartillery

  20. #PigeonArtilery!