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Clash of Clans UPDATE – It’s a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM!

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  1. so there's no point to upgrad emore than 1 barrack?

  2. R.I.P cheif pat…

  3. It's nice. But i really want SuperCell decrease research time!!! or need extra research laboratory. It's takes tooo much time.

  4. I might start playing coc after this

  5. It has become the worst game in the world

  6. what spells with the pekka/dragon/healer?

  7. the problem is….. i don't play this anymore lol

  8. They should bring out sth. like giant bombs but underground… This would be a great counter/nerf for the miner

  9. being a Clasher for around 2 years , now I think coc is providing those updates which must have provided earlier , I really think the craze is gone for COC , many of my friends left and I'm also simply collecting resources , but don't know for what .:-( 🙁 :-(

  10. nice!!

  11. check my channel out

  12. This is awesome!!!! I can't wait!!!???

  13. if I need 4 Pekka.. it used to cook in 4 barrack's in parallel. That would take one/fourth time …  Isn't time going to increase in that manner?  But it has a lot of perks .. so I am positive on this.

  14. it awesome

  15. Imagine if the voice actor was Anthony Solavine

  16. How do you know which Barracks is making what? Does it just make the troops in order of what you click?

  17. When this update will come down ؟

  18. Thissssss update issssssss damnnnnn epiccc!! so excited!!!!

  19. I havent got the update

  20. when the update will come?