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Clash of Clans – *UPDATE* Level 8 Barbs + Archers? YAY! (Not yay)

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  1. Don't waste your money pal, the game seems to be going down hill

  2. what happened between you and lost phoenix

  3. NO WAY!

  4. Gen!

  5. Don't waste money on this shit boring game. This game has gone downhill and I doubt it will ever be as popular and great as it was before. We are just tired of same old shit again and again in each and every update in this game

  6. yes

  7. تو خب ريدي با اين اتك زدن هات ابرو هرچي اتك زن هست رو بردي ???

  8. Aaaah I have missed the barch videos! Nothing quite like them imo

  9. Why does no one use heal spells with Giants no one notices how important heal spells are for Giants

  10. Lol brass knuckles not bracelets xD

  11. Yes do it

  12. Barch King has returned!

  13. To me, the Eagles are cheaty and op, they need a nerf

  14. Love the intro!

  15. I think those are knuckledusters not bracelets… Heh

  16. Lol nobody watching this is outside in the wonderful sunshine…..what a shame.

  17. u need heals

  18. Clickbait lol

  19. Nice video Spence! Whens the next clash Olympics?

  20. Wow an actual clash of clans video on the channel. Wait it's the second one in a week it's a clash miracle.

  21. No

  22. No

  23. do it for level 14 archer towers

  24. Yay

  25. i feel proud of not spending any money on this game and have more gems than a youtuber (around 3200)

  26. Lv7 wiz plz


  28. don't gem the archer towers

  29. love the intro

  30. U like Lenny Faces ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. I'm early!! Wanna hear a joke?

    Lightning in Clash Royale……. No? Dammit.

  32. "SEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "??

  33. Nice vid! when will you do the new clash olympics? looking forward to that :D

  34. Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it i love mustard Do it Do it Do iy

  35. guys if u think about it when lvl like 20 arch come out 1 arch will one day be able to take out a base

  36. Go spend gems on your heroes and not ATs lol

  37. It's level 8 giants

  38. No gems