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Clash of Clans-UPDATE!! LOOT CHANGES! loot cart, treasury, and daily bonus!

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  1. nice that's that's a good update

  2. Should be interesting to see how much it really is for the daily reward. I like your pictures for it though.

    Also, for the loot crate; Will be taken off the top of the attackers loot? Or do you think the attacker will leave with 100% of his/her loot, then (for example) 5% of the loot stolen will be given to the defender without subtracting 5% from the attackers loot.

  3. 1 mil of each resource!!!! even de?!!!!

  4. gj

  5. loved it

  6. hows the new and improved intro? :D

  7. first like and comment

  8. First