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Clash of Clans UPDATE – MAJOR Balancing Coming to Clash!

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  1. Why some morons wants peķka 4 in Th 9, No one use that useless troops in war. They just want it for them to donate max pekka in war.

  2. I personally like the poison spell change; great to see the traditional way of taking out the clan castle back. It's definitely become too easy to just double poison at lower level.

  3. I just maxed out everything at th8. So gobs, I might use. And will witches be a thing now?


  5. helll yess only thing i didnt like is reducing to 3 min

  6. so by making cc troops clever what is the use of poison spell then ? supercell u told us to deal with them strategically then keep the time 3 min 30 sec ofc we are dealing with war bases fuckers.!!! just killing the cc troops some times more than 30 sec how come u say that its balancing!!!

  7. likeeee

  8. Clash royale level 1 at 1200 trophies

  9. Attacking at th9 for three stars is now screwed!

  10. we are fucked up…


  12. Where is Peter at?

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  14. why don't we get level 4 pekkas in town hall 9 why?!?!?!

  15. i need the 30 more seconds for my th10 attacks 🙁
    will be almost impossible as a non modding th10 to 3star another th10 :(

  16. once again. i hate coc update…
    i mean, cmon we all know how easy to get 2 stars at th9 in war…

  17. What's the point of the poison spell if it doesn't even damage troops? lol

  18. Thanks gally

  19. Clash of clans is almost back just give 3:30 plz

  20. Uhh? Can there ever be a update focused around lower level town halls?

  21. The fact that now troops are smart enough to escape from the poison spel just goes against the way A.I works in Clash of Clans. And also it just doesn't seem logical to me that an attacking troop can be invisible to traps just like the witch's skeleton is going to be!

  22. RIP

  23. they fucked up the poison spell omfg and the skeletons wtf oneshotting omfg, i used to luv dis game they just keep fuking up.

  24. this series of fuckin balancing updates is just a message for the casual players to gem the game or head to clash royale

  25. All the good things in the previous update have changed
    Yet the horrific,stupid and useless things are remaining
    Super cell is transforming into EA 0% logic

  26. What is the use of poison spell of the targets move away from it!

  27. No Peter17$ at the ending?!?!

  28. Step 1: Create a poison spell that helps so much in the game
    Step 2: Make poison be useless…

  29. Take a break bro, u sound sick!

  30. Wow. Clash really wants to kill clan wars, don't they?

  31. this is bad ?

  32. Finally, I am once again interested in playing Clash of Clans after taking a break for 2 months.