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Clash Of Clans UPDATE | Major Changes And Balancing!!

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  1. Witch skeletons not triggering apps sux, going to see flying witches

  2. nice video

  3. There'd better be some pretty powerful new troops at th10, which is what I expect, or war is gonna go WAY out of balance…

  4. They shouldn't have messed with valks!

  5. Oh cool witches are no longer gonna be a thing

  6. Reduce time? Ok the end of queen charge

  7. You're videos have the best intro by far!! Trap Pokemon all the way

  8. Xbows doing more damage and less time=Queen walk nerf. I'm fine with that. Witches are literally useless now,

  9. Truth be told, i think th9s will start resorting to gowipe again, given how hard 3 stars will become.

  10. Well… witches are dead. I like the buff for the valks, but wow… i was hoping the witches would be a thing to stay in the community.Just like drags, witches are gone now. And i am glad the poison got nerfed, that was ridiculous.

  11. They keep making the game worse with every update.

  12. Did any one else noticed that he forget to say bb

  13. WTF this update will make th10 defense too op

  14. They should reduce the time for golems, pekkas, balloons, and wizards imo

  15. and govaho is super op in th9 right now. my clan mates at 6 Schlitzes only use govaho now

  16. gadi really? your witches are gonna go KABOOOOOM due to the skeletons not activating bombs. could have figured that out. giwiwi ir dead for th10 and th11

  17. this is great news. im a high lvl th9 and meanwhile i have 6 star wars left and right. back in the days i was happy with 1 in a war. So this is great news for a th9. as far as th11 dipping down and nuking th10s with necrorush- also great news. the only thing id have to criticize is the 30 secs less for th10 and 11. a th10 3 starring a th10 without modding will be really really hard again

  18. As a newer th9 (15/15 heroes), I'm loving the changes back to the good old days! Having to use more skills is a plus to me, but as always I'll wait and see how it all turns out before passing judgment. Thx for the vid bro, keep us updated.

  19. the war match making system right now is shit, hopefully its fixed

  20. how is upgrading th lvl and canceling it an advantage? wouldn't this make u get matched with higher lvl town halls?

  21. Skeletons not triggering bombs is not good at all, the skeletons with walk over them and when the witches push they will all be gone. Witches NO lONGER OP :,(

  22. Great for higher level attackers but for lower level and beginner clans, updates like these make players quite. I lose players all the time because they are frustrated they can't get 3 stars. Change is always good but I don't know about these? Gadi please let Supercell know a lot of players are disappointed. Great channel…