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Clash Of Clans | UPDATE NEEDED?? | New Features & Ideas Discussion!

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  1. no pokemon go is bad really bad dont play it Tony

  2. There should be a spell that stacks troop as double there damage

  3. There should be like a drill trap with a 5 block radius that can deal damage to miners.

  4. A thing that could make coc better is if they added tournaments like they did in clash royale

  5. They could add a way to donate resources. Lower level town halls can donate less than higher levels.

  6. you on i wanna talk

  7. i think they sould make the game more chalenging by buffing troop so a th1 could stand a chance against a th11

  8. It would look like a inferno tower, but it would be a freeze tower

  9. buthole teachers

  10. Hello

  11. air walls

  12. A

  13. Hero at lvl 4

  14. You know what we need? More walls.

  15. in town hall 6i want a king in town hall 6 pls pls plspls

  16. Pokemon GO!

  17. A lumberjack

  18. I would like it if they compared how many wars the other clan has lost and won and u have to have like withen 20 loses and wons as u and there clan has to be the same lvl..
    Because i keep getting compared to lvl 5 clans and i am lvl 1 because we just made the clan and we just get demolished every time

  19. I want Pokemon o

  20. New townhall and when get townhall 12 you gat a hero and it can be a a king that is a gainy

  21. A new hero

  22. Y'all can play Pokemon go all you want if you want to be robbed or have your accounts stolen, I'll stick to games like coc anc cr where the chance of getting robbed are way smaller or almost non-existing

  23. when he went to say his army comp he said pekker instead of pekka

  24. Valks are just too op for th8 man

  25. no

  26. New town hall level

  27. How about if super sell put a future wheel like it have prize like you can upgrade any troop without time or 50 gems or they can also put a troop wheel

  28. COC

  29. Gold troops

  30. a trap that can get one of your troop and then it makes it defend the defenders camp

  31. The scraper if it gets 5 hits off it disables the defense for 7 seconds and it goes after defenses

  32. Hey general Tony if clash of clan would get some Idea off castle and thumb Empires because I know for fact that I have a hard time getting all the resources to upgrade my defenses walls it would also bring something else knew which would be getting more gems which I think would actually make it more fun get that cuz I don't have the money buy a $99 or even the cheapest one for 500 gems I think players would play a lot more they would get a lot more people interested in that I mean keep the money flowing with the $99 one if you want to buy them it's not just going to be given to you it's going to be very day today I think that would be a good idea

  33. Pokemon go is so stupid

  34. weekly loot bonus…like so Tony see's it

  35. I would like a new th level

  36. there should be a private message/friend feature that would be good

  37. A new elixer

  38. but I would most want a new style for the game

  39. New 5v5 in war

  40. new style for the game like new sounds new graphics new style for war

  41. You should be able to upgrade your builders with gems with speeds them up a little, maybe 5% at level 2 and 10% at level 3 etc

  42. Clan war tournaments would be HUGE for the game