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Clash of Clans UPDATE – NERFING Mass Attacks – BOOSTING Defense!

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  1. Why y'all wanna change how the Healers work smh

  2. Just another way to lose more players to this game , ?????? good job supercell

  3. Yea supercell just gunna lose their last half of the players left

  4. I think they should decrease the amount of time it takes for miners to go underground not their movement speed

  5. I spent a month-and-a-half upgrading miners. It totally sucks that just when they are about to be max, they get nerfed. That totally sucks. Very frustrating…

  6. "NERF HEALERS".!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's it! I'm going to use mass wall breakers attack with jump spells

  7. WTF healers will be useless again. Nobody will use healers again. I am fine with everything else besides healers' nerf. So no new defense to target mass attacks? People will go back to GoWiPe and other 2* strategy if they nerf healers

  8. why no thinking of an update to attract people back into playing coc?

  9. They made the inferno tower multi target after it came out, they should somehow make a multi target setting for the eagle Artillery

  10. SC: healer nurf is an AWFUL idea! Healers are the staple for a reason! They were trash before they didn't trigger traps, now 10v10 triples is going to be sooo much harde,r way to make the game harder before tournaments ?. Th10 pretty much obsolete. All you needed to do was indirectly nurf healers on bowlers and they've done this crap. It this kills QW/QC it's the death of the relevance of th10 and more than likely th11. Must reconsider!!!!!!!!!

  11. Glad all my cannons are level 12 now lol.

  12. Lol Supercell is trying to kill this game. Sad.

  13. back in the old days!!! glad the seeking air mine will take out the healer once again. buff up those spring traps to fly pekkas!!!!

  14. Lol I attacked you with a th3 base a wrecked your base used xmod games “ψ(`∇´)ψヽ(°◇° )ノ

  15. This is a terrible update. Increasing cannon damage will kill the strategies that are already underpowered, such as golems, witches, and pekkas. And healers queen walk probably takes the most strategy to use, yet theyre taking that out with air mines. wtf.

  16. I started practicing giant healer for farming , and was working great, looks like I need to find better strategy for farming.

  17. he won't respond

  18. "Major Changes"

  19. Damn Galadon your clan is #38 in the WORLD “ψ(`∇´)ψ

  20. SC really have no idea what they are doing. They want 2 phase attacks but they're effectively nerfing aq walks. And a buff to cannons why? They need to buff splash dealing defence to stop mass attacks i.e mortors

  21. Will supercell ever get out of this hole of nerfing offense then buffing defense then buffing offense then nerfing defense. And who the hell thinks a max th9 needs to be any harder? If you want harder go to th10.

  22. these last few updates I'm getting more frustrated with super cell than excited to keep playing coc. I think the skeleton spell has to be the wost thing they've come with in a while I haven't seen it being used at all.

  23. You know COC is dying when healers need a nerf

  24. yesss. I always wanted healers to be detected by air traps. IDK y they changed it in d 1st place

  25. And Btw nerfing healers kills a lot of stats that is not spam attacks

  26. I think the healers shouldnt trigger the air seeking mine, it'll ruin my attacks D;

  27. I'm sad because of the healer nerf I love queen walk, I use it in war and farming now I think I'll have to try something new to get stars and raids :(

  28. that was good ?