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Clash of Clans UPDATE – NEW BOMB TOWER!! New Defense!

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  1. unfortunate that im a th7 :(

  2. OMG im th7 and i want to get the bomb tower

  3. so basically the bomb from the bomb tower after it dies does the same or more damage to troops as a normal giant bomb would do to hogs

  4. That bomb better get those darn miners!

  5. it sucks

  6. why adding cr stuff

  7. u know what they should fix , they should stop higher town halls attacking lower town halls
    th7 attacked my th5 base and got 31 cups !!!

  8. galadon meant what he said the first time. he never shows off attacks anymore, so all he does now IS sneak peaks

  9. When is it going to come in effect.?

  10. good…?

  11. When this update come to Android

  12. I still use hogs :P

  13. intro song please

  14. Galadon please stop the hog rider buff, hogs are already too strong. People are complaining all over about this new upgrade. If you want to stop mass attacks, taking the 1.5 damage away from giant bombs won't do it. Please tell them this is a bad idea!

  15. you know clash of clans is dying when they have to add a defense from their new game

  16. would love to see this get you back into the game on youtube galadon. I like you dude but i hate CR so i dont wtch anymore but you know i'll come running back if this got you into coc again. I'll come running back with fukken flowers and chocolates and all that good stuff.

  17. binici saldırısı artık olmayacak yess

  18. I wish th7 gets something

  19. 3:24 blue walls are back!!! a new level for walls maybe?

  20. does this mean blue walls are coming back?