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Clash of Clans UPDATE | NEW Level 6 Hog Riders / Lvl 5 Valkyries / Lvl 7 Goblins Gameplay Sneak Peek

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  1. I would like to see clash of clans have a once or twice a week single player map that would be similar to boom beaches doctor terror maps.

  2. I should have a hog rider level 2

  3. I have bad day

  4. up date for money supercell

  5. I'm having a good day my bday is tomorrow!!!!

  6. Hey, this is a question for Clash Royal, I've been using your deck and I find it very effective, I just wanted ask does the level of the giant matter, for tanking damage or shall I just use my level 3 one anyway?

  7. make th12.

  8. If they could, I want supercell to nerf the Eagle Artillary if they can because at town hall 11, it is very overpowered and all, so really, they should nerf it… and nerf me too 😀

    Please don't nerf me…. o_o


  10. make it where you can see how many people are active

  11. I wanna see a test your defense button where you test your base. Or test a clanmates base but your clanmates won't lose trophies if you raid their base.

  12. Cool Cant Wate I so badly wanna get my hogs stronger cause they are lvl 5

  13. Looking forward to update, but $uper$ell are so untrusted, it's become obvious no they are first interested in making money 2nd comes the game, sounds counter intuitive, but they are not a nice company and Nor is there parent company!

  14. the new troop is rocketeer! a reddit guy predicted and all his predictions are correct till now so rocketeer shud be d new troop!

  15. Can I ask a question what will you do if YouTube stops all to Gever ?????????????????????

  16. The lvl 13 cannon shoots faster!


  18. Get a new camera plz ^*^

  19. The dark barracks have something on top of them.. lvl 7 dark barracks?

  20. I have a lot of videos and subs

  21. hi guys! plz sub n like my vids. im trying really hard for u guys!
    btw nice vid